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Black Business Holiday Thoughts

"This is a Black Stream of Thought"

Vol 2: December 2022

A Question for you?

In today's environment buying from and utilizing Black businesses is in vogue. People are proud to say they purchased or used a Black company. Therein is the problem, and I am asking you to consider your actions. Do you continually buy goods or services from Black businesses, or is this a "One-Off" Black cultural thing so that you can strut around and say you used a Black company?

Let us examine the notion of Black-on-Black purchasing.

First question: When you buy books from a Black bookstore, are you supporting the store or buying a book? Eighty-three percent of people say they support the store and value its contribution to Black economics and culture.

Second question: When you buy books from Barnes and Noble or Borders, are you supporting the store or just buying books. Ninety-six percent of people say they are just buying a book and could care less about the effects of the business on the local community because it is a personal need response.

Point: When you buy something from a business, it is because you need or want to purchase something from the institution at the time with no concern for what happens with the money.

When you support A Black business, you respond to the potential of keeping the business and its community alive. If the business is located within the local community, you know they, directly and indirectly, support the local Black economy. These enterprises are doing business with other black companies, providing philanthropy, supporting local employment, and other local community contributions.

It would help if you recognized the value of your intent to support the businesses contributing to the Black community's vitalization. In other words, Black attitudes toward Black companies should be about support, while attitudes toward other firms can be about simply buying. And because it is about the community license, we must continually support that business with repeat buying, not spot purchasing on occasion or caught up in the moment's enthusiasm. If we are to help sustain and grow our communities, our businesses need continual support. It means supporting the business year-round and going out of our way if necessary, not just this holiday season!

Happy Holidays to you and Yours!

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